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Responsible travel choices for a better future

There is no doubt that travel plays a significant role in responsible business activities. Now more than ever, clients see us as partners to help them reach their sustainability goals, creating responsible travel choices and integrating sustainable travel into the overall performance of their program.

Many companies now measure program performance through a balance of business needs, the needs of their employees and corporate responsibility. It is no longer an either/or approach to these requirements but an ‘and’ approach. A balance between people, profit, and the planet.

Responsible business has always been central to how we think, act and live at CWT. So, when it comes to helping businesses travel responsibly, we take it very seriously. By helping clients calculate, reduce and offset their business travel footprint, we are supporting their business goals and creating sustainable travel choices for a better future.



BTN 2021 - Shortlist logoCWT Solutions Group’s ECO (short for Employee Wellbeing, Climate Impact and Organizational Performance) travel consulting framework helps customers build travel programs that not only manage costs, but also align with other important objectives. CWT Solution Group’s ECO approach was recently acknowledged on the BTN 2021 Hotlist - the top 20 people, products, and trends that will shape the industry in 2021.

They have developed a 5-step end-to-end service to build responsible travel programs for clients.

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Eco-friendly events drive customer loyalty, boost morale and promote productivity in the workplace. Plus, by reducing waste and emissions, you can help the environment, strengthen your brand, and potentially save money.

Follow their 6-step guide to running a responsible and eco-friendly event.

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Responsible Business at CWT

Responsible Business is a long-standing commitment and central to how we think, act and live at CWT. We make sure that we align with key global standards and turn our values and commitments into action. As a result we received Platinum rating by EcoVadis two years in a row, placing us among the top 1% of companies assessed worldwide and positioning us as one of the top Responsible Business performing companies in our industry.

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